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  • An athletic young woman with toned abs is standing on a bridge in London at sunrise with a cup of coffee in her hand


    Coffee and Weight Loss

    Fitness Experts Agree the Bean is Good for Losing the Pounds There is no consensus on coffee’s benefit to your health, though most experts agree that it is beneficial for most people. For the most part, coffee poses adverse effects to pregnant people and people with heart disease, and there are those rare cases where […]

  • Draft Coffee shop encounter. Close-up of modern draft lattes on taps in select coffee shops. Draft Latte Barista laboring in the background


    The Science & History of Draft Lattes

    Lattes on Tap I had to cancel plans a while back for brunch at a pizza place in Brooklyn that served lattes on tap. That is the closest I’ve gotten to try the innovation attributed to La Colombe: draft lattes. Of course, I could access a version of the beverage in some store somewhere or […]

  • italian coffee maker and flower vintage color style toned


    Italian’s Know Their Coffee

    Five of the Oldest Coffee Shops Of the five oldest coffee shops around the world, the oldest in the United States is Caffe Reggio in New York City which was founded in 1927 and boasts of bringing the first espresso machine to the United States and introducing Americans to the cappuccino. The oldest of the […]

  • Composite image of businessman and robot shaking hands against red vignette


    The Espresso of the Future?

    The Future IS Beyond That Line. No, That One. That One The future is here! Does anyone hate that phrase? I only do when I really start to think about it too hard and recognize that it does not, and can never, make sense because the future is inextricably in the future, meaning that it […]

  • Coffee is Healthy Again. Healthy lifestyle tips - handwriting on a napkin with a cup of coffee


    Coffee is Healthy Again!

    Coffee is Definitely Good For You Coffee is healthy Again. It may not be news to many of our readers, but it does reinforce the new-ish trend in research that’s gradually been revealing that coffee is actually and definitively good for you. The new data is putting to rest the debate that’s been around as […]

  • History Books beside Coffee Roasted from the old country, with coffee beans strewn across the table, the saucer, and the scene.


    The History of US Coffee Consumption

    Coffee Today Is Everywhere – On Every Corner – Look there it is Passing By When I worked at my first coffee shop, I got to the point where I could drink somewhere around 10 shots of espresso in one eight hour shift and hardly be phased. This was after coming into the job as […]

  • Homemade Cold Brew Coffee to Drink for Breakfast


    The Science of Nitro Brews

    On the journey to nitro cold brew, which continues to be the up-and-comer of summer coffee drinks in the specialty coffee community, slowly spreading mainstream with Starbucks’ introduction of nitro brew earlier this year, one brewer started first with carbon dioxide. That, apparently, ruined the flavor of the coffee; but, it wasn’t a long leap […]

  • Time management. Business couple time concept. Isolated. Man, woman team.


    The Importance of Management

    The Ellipses Were Included One of my favorite running jokes on the American (and significantly more successful) version of The Office, is the title of General Manager of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton branch Michael Scott’s guide on management. Though he never seemed to have complete the book, his title, in my eyes, was perfect: “Somehow I […]

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