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  • Glass of milk on a blue background

    Is Your Organic Milk Actually Organic?

    Organic Certification And Why the Dairy Industry Isn’t As Regulated As You May Think The Washington Post reported on May 2nd that that organic milk you may be shelling out extra bucks for may not be everything you expected it to be. The organic milk industry has exploded in recent years due to demand caused […]

  • Woman hands getly fill blank bulk packages with coffee beans. Product in small business for retail delivery and sale, above craft wooden table Artisan manufacturing process

    How to Choose the Right Coffee Supplier

    Opening a new coffee business, whether a roasting plant or a modern coffee shop seems like an almost fail-proof business plan. In the Freelance Economy of the 21st Century, coffee shops have become the new workplace, the new office. In the major cities, particularly when arts and culture are prolific, the need for space, WiFi […]

  • A Spoon Resting On a Full Glass of Milk

    Not Just the Milk: Coffee and Bone Health

    I recently wrote about the changing perspective when it comes to coffee and cancer; previously, it had been believed that coffee caused some cancers but the most recent research has shown, in fact, that coffee may actually lower the risk of many cancers. Well, the story seems to be quite similar when it comes to […]

  • What’s Wrong With You? The Answer Could be the Key to Your Success

    As an employee you may get what you perceive as a lot of negative feedback; that criticism may tell you what doesn’t work for certain niche jobs, but it doesn’t have to dictate your entire personality. It also doesn’t have to mean that you can’t succeed despite those “flaws.” Single-mindedness is often billed in customer […]

  • Young female at a nice wooden table holding a white tablet with the word CANCER in white on a hot pink background with a ribbon visible in the background.

    A Latte Live For: Coffee and Cancer

    These days, it’s a common joke that everything causes cancer–or is it? Is that just me? Whenever someone tells me that something I’m consuming probably causes cancer, my most likely answer (at least when I want to continue to, consume it) is that everything does, so what’s the difference? This is, of course, an exaggeration. […]

  • Introverts and Customer Service

    The jury is still out on whether or not I’m an introvert or extrovert; I have characteristics of both. I definitely do have social anxiety, which makes both extroversion and introversion even harder to work with. Despite that social anxiety and despite my introverted tendencies, I have always been great at customer service. Even if […]

  • Female Barista with Navy Blue Apron on, Packing Coffee Tamper to Create Espresso Drinks in an Industrial Espresso Machine.

    Progressive Coffee: Gender Equality in the Industry

    It’s a common occurrence in our country, in our world really: we pass a law or two with some semblance of making up for past inequality and systemic exclusion and we think that solves all the problems. Women got the right to vote in 1920, so why are we still talking about gender issues in […]

  • Reviewing Performance Reviews: Do They Help or Hurt?

    To be clear: this is not about ditching performance reviews altogether. In fact, it’s about tweaking them and evolving them so that they become more effective. Essentially, it’s about reviewing performance reviews (as I said above) to see what works, what doesn’t, and where to take them next. The business world, throughout a variety of […]

  • What is a Q Grader and How Do You Become One?

    A Q Grader might sound like someone who hands out grades well below failing: “Your test answers were so wrong you got even lower than an F–you got a Q!” It’s not, obviously. A Q Grader is someone approved by the Coffee Quality Institute to identify the quality of coffees according to standardized scores and […]

  • Holiday Ideas for Your Coffee Shop – Valentine’s Day

    Holidays are an opportunity for your coffee shop to re-engage with your customers, attract new customers, and change up the day-to-day. It’s almost February now, so that means two things: Groundhog’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Obviously one is bigger than the other, but you can take both as an opportunity to boost revenues and engage […]

  • Get Your Website (and your business) Noticed: SEO Advice for the New Year

    Just because you’ve built a kick-ass website for your business does not mean you can just let it sit, as it is, for the rest of ever. Websites, like roasting machines and customer service strategies, need maintenance. You should know by now that your website is not just the place where your customers go to […]

  • Pay Your Employees Better, Make More Money?

    A prominent debate on the national stage this year has been the status of minimum wage. Should minimum wage be raised? Should there be a minimum wage? What effect does paying higher wages have on small, medium and large businesses? What effect does it have on the economy at large? One of the main arguments […]