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  • How to Find and Partner with a Coffee Grower

    Direct Trade is Fair Trade on steroids; not to imply any kind of insult to either practice. While fair trade organizes around fair prices being paid to producers and coffee suppliers (the middlemen, essentially) Direct Trade eliminates those middlemen so that coffee growers can get the best price possible. This fosters happier farmers with healthier […]

  • Nepotism In The Workplace – Does It Work?

    To nepotize or not to nepotize? In my opinion, there’s a fine line between nepotism as a good decision and nepotism as an awful decision. The first coffee shop I worked for was fairly dependent on nepotism; the accountant, decorator, and eventually the hiring manager were all related to the owner. I can see that […]

  • Uniforms and Employees – Look Great on the Outside, Feel Great on the Inside

    Your employees are your business. The people you hire to roast those beans need to be able to roast them to perfection, efficiently. The people you hire to sell your products, whether they be retail coffee and equipment or delicious, foamy lattes need to be knowledgeable, skilled and great with customers. If you don’t have […]

  • Managing Your Managers – They Are Your Eyes & Ears

    Whether or not your coffee roastery has a coffee shop attached to it, customer service should be a priority for your business. You also need efficiency and fluidity in your business’ every day function. The employees you hire are just as much an investment as your roasting machine or your raw coffee source. This means […]

  • The Best Way to Package Your Coffee

    You’ve done it. You’ve bought your roasting machine, sourced your coffee and designed your brand. Now, it’s time to decide on something that is of the utmost importance in your coffee roasting company: the packaging. Coffee is a delicate product, especially once it has been roasted. Ideally, the beans will last at top quality for […]

  • Branding Your Business

    The coffee shop I worked for in my early twenties had a distinctive logo: the likeness of the owner in minimalistic outline. To be specific, it was an outline of his effortlessly messy hair and hipster glasses. Then there was the fun secret that I didn’t figure out until I’d been working there for a […]

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    How to Get Business for Your Roasting Business

    You are well on your way to starting a successful coffee roasting business or you’ve already opened your doors and started breaking in your roaster. Now your focus is on how to get business moving and keeping it booming. Some of your strategies are going to depend on what kind of roaster you are–big or […]

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    What to Know When Starting a Coffee Roasting Business

    When you are starting a new business of any kind, you must have a vision. There is a reason you’ve decided to start a coffee roasting business. Maybe you love coffee so much you want to make your living off of it. Maybe you see an opening in the market that you want to fill […]

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    Choosing Your Coffee Roasting Machine

    Choosing your roasting machine depends on what kind of roasting you plan on doing, and how much of it. Most experts recommend that you consider the future when investing in your roasting machine; give yourself some room to grow without investing more money than you can afford in the first place. In other words, plan […]

  • Know Your Brewing Methods

    As a coffee roaster, whether you have a coffee shop connected to your roastery or not, staying informed about brewing methods is important for your business for several reasons. If you have individual customers, you can inform them about the best brewing methods for your roasts and have informed conversations about them; if someone is […]