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  • DIY Coffee Roasting at home. Freshly brewed coffee in the old style

    Coffee Roasting at Home: A How To Get Started Guide

    In a previous post, I mentioned that one strategy for optimizing the freshness and quality of your coffee at home would be to start roasting at home. The roasting process initiates deterioration in the coffee, so roasting small batches on your own will minimize your chances of having coffee go bad; you roast what you […]

  • Young Blonde Waitress Smelling Coffee Beans In Cooling Container

    Let’s Get To Know the Blonde Roasts

    Why Do the Blonde Roasts Catch Our Eyes & Hearts? “Blonde roast” is how Starbucks decided to brand its lighter roast coffee when it first emerged into their stores sometime around 2012. In regards to Blonde Roasts, the first I found of the “lighter” roast was in an article in The Seattle Times, from the city […]

  • Grains of roasted arabica coffee in a jar on black background, selective focus

    Getting To Know The Dark Roasts

    Dark Roasts Brood Deeper Thoughts   Dark Roast’s Profile is Strong & Bold Even though most coffee elitists and specialty coffee connoisseurs will be quick to tell you light roast is the best roast, the market for dark roast coffees is, much like its flavor profile, strong and bold. Looking at the best-selling ground coffee […]

  • Roasts Light to Dark. Coffee beans showing various stage of roasting from the green bean through to a dark roast. EPS10 vector format

    Types of Roasts 101: A Guide From Light To Dark

    It’s still not common knowledge that dark roast coffee is not, in fact, higher in caffeine content. It tastes strong and, often, that’s what matters to people. The science is conflicted as to just how much difference there is when it comes to caffeine content and roasting; but there are notable characteristic differences when you’re […]

  • A kangaroo silhouette with the Australia flag within it

    Coffee Around the World: Australia

    It was never so much an outright statement or conversation when I worked at various coffee shops, it was more an understanding: Australians do coffee well. Or, at the very least, they do coffee distinctively. I remember Australian tourists praising one of my coffee shop’s brews with flabbergasted voices; they’d yet to find anything in […]

  • Pensive woman with coffee mug near Ouzoud waterfall in Morocco

    An Update on Coffee and Climate Change

    Climate Change has become a political debate separating the US along political lines. Most scientists agree, no matter what their affiliation, that it is not a matter of if climate change is real, it’s a matter of when it effects will start to be truly devastating. To be clear, it is not a question of […]

  • Baristas bending over rows of fresh coffee at a tasting. Professional baristas leaning over a row of freshly ground coffee, taking in the aroma, at a coffee tasting with different varieties of roasted coffee beans

    Bold or Blonde: Does Your Coffee Roast Matter?

    The Starbucks phenomenon began in 1971 at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle, when a small coffee shop started offering its customers a wide variety of coffee drinks. The phenomenon, which spawned hundreds, maybe thousands, of copycat companies trying to replicate Starbucks’ success, has contributed tremendously to coffee culture. Anyone living in the NYC area has […]

  • fresh brewed coffee and coffee

    Tips for Starting a Coffee Roasting Business

    Starting a coffee roasting business is both similar to starting any other kind of business and different. It’s similar in some of the basic needs and preparation you’ll have to fulfill, and it’s different for the very specific needs, qualifications, and skills that are necessary for commercial coffee roasting. I’m going to talk about business […]

  • Good Chinese Coffee: Does it Exist and What is it?

    It’s the Year of the Rooster according to the recently celebrated Chinese New Year. It follows, then, that I have to ask–it’s pun-deniably inevitable if you will: does China have any coffee that’s worth crowing about? If you’re still reading after that intro, thank you for your patience. China is an ancient civilization and coffee […]

  • Small Batch Roasting At Its Best

    If you give a consumer something that makes them feel good, they’re only going to want more of it. That has been proven true for the world of specialty coffee. With its focus on quality and fair sourcing, and the uniqueness and pleasure of the final product, specialty coffee makes consumers feel extra special. The […]

  • You’re Killin’ Me Smalls: Small, Micro, Nano Batching

    The third wave of coffee created coffee roasting and sourcing rock stars. Roasters and coffee shops alike were dissatisfied with coffee middlemen holding a monopoly on coffee sourcing information, so they started going directly to the source. The price reduction and opportunity for fairer trading practices were also a draw. When the coffee buyers and […]

  • Roasting Coffee for Cold Brew

    The roast of your coffee is generally dependent on your personal taste, or that of your customers. Some people will stick to dark roast no matter what they hear from coffee elitists and no matter what single origin light roast pour over they taste. Some people will have nothing less than the latter. Roasting to […]