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    Coffee Roasting: A 500 Year History

    When coffee was discovered, it is believed that its first human consumer ate the berries straight off the plant, as he had seen birds or goats or some historically undetermined animal do. He discovered that the berries, which seemed to give these animals a tremendous amount of energy, were extremely bitter and not pleasant to […]

  • The Best of the Best Coffee Beans

    If you’re in the coffee business, whether you’re new or seasoned, you know that third wave coffee is all about sourcing. Even if you don’t technically consider yourself a third wave roaster, you’re probably invested to some degree in where your coffee comes from. That’s because that’s the smart way to function in this industry. […]

  • Roast the Coffee, Not the Planet

    If you’re starting a new business, looking to improve one already on the market, or looking to revamp one as old as these United States, greenifying is definitely something you should consider. Not only is it environmentally and socially responsible, you know, ensuring the future of our planet and our species, it is also on […]

  • A Good Dark Roast Coffee…Is There Such a Thing?

    I was born into the specialty coffee, third wave movement, on the cusp of what some enthusiastically, and others reluctantly, call the fourth wave of coffee. I was initiated into the world of coffee by a third-wave coffee shop, one that focused on sourcing, direct trade, and social media. They prided themselves on their light […]

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    Coffee Roasting Trends and Technology

    Technology advances affect every aspect of our lives. And, of course, that includes coffee. I want to take a look at how technology is advancing specifically for the art and craft that is coffee roasting. The third wave of coffee, the specialty coffee craze, and the age of the Internet/smart everything have all created a […]

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    Coffee Grind Size: Why It Matters to You

    Now that your coffee shop offers at least four different boutique ways to serve coffee, you and your baristas find yourself baffled at the multitude of grind sizes that can be purchased or created. Grind size alone can dramatically change the flavor of your cup of coffee, making it bitter or smooth, and the size […]

  • Coffee Processes and Why They’re Important

    Though we don’t know all of the science behind it, we know that terroir–or the environmental elements involved in a coffee plant’s growth–has impacts on the quality and characteristics of the coffee. One of the reasons it is so difficult to determine exactly what effects terroir has on the coffee is because the way that […]

  • Coffee Varieties and Why They Matter

    If you eat apples, you know what the word “variety” means, even if you don’t even know that you know. Variety is another word for subspecies, or type. In apples there are innumerable varieties, though there are maybe a dozen or so that we’re most familiar with: gala, red delicious, Granny Smith. This is the […]

  • Roasting 101

    Roasting coffee takes technical skill and precision, but it also takes creativity and intuition. In contemporary coffee culture, the advent of specialty coffee, the explosion of small coffee shops, and the ever divisive debate over the best roast (light vs. dark–hint, it’s light) all mean that as a coffee roaster you need to know the […]

  • Single Origins

    Coffee’s “third-wave” was officially recognized in 2002, though it began in the 90s and can trace the roots of its evolution all the way back to the 60s. The term third wave applies to the modern coffee movement, also known as the specialty coffee movement (a phrase coined in the 70s). The third wave of […]

  • What to Know When Buying Green Coffee

    If you’re starting a coffee-roasting business or just planning on roasting your own coffee at home, you are aware that coffee beans do not come in that signature brown color naturally. Coffee beans are naturally green, all of them; but, just because they all start out with essentially the same color, does not mean they […]

  • The Science of Coffee

    One cup of coffee contains over 1,000 chemicals (including our best friend and lifeline, caffeine). Caffeine is the reason coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. It’s a stimulant. It convinces your brain that it’s not sleepy, enhances memory and cognitive function, increases metabolism, and has been linked with more longevity […]