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  • How Decaffeination Works

    Most of us came upon our coffee obsession (addiction, intense passion, whatever you call it) through some need for energization. Whether you’re like my friend, Diane, who started out just holding cups of hot coffee to keep her hands warm when working at an outdoor, drive-up restaurant or Ruthie from Seventh Heaven who accidentally tried […]

  • Top 10 Coffee Roasters in the Country

    Entering a new business takes a ton of preparation and planning. Entering a commercial business means you need to know your product on an expert level and you need to know your market. Even a totally revolutionary and innovative business faces intense competition in the marketplace. As a coffee roaster, you’re entering an established marketplace […]

  • Coffee Roasting Light vs. Dark and In Between

    Whether you are roasting at home or developing your own commercial coffee roasting business, you need to know what you’re looking for in your final product. And regardless of whether you are just roasting for yourself, or if you are roasting for big commercial batches, knowing the colors and aromas that come at each stage […]

  • Rosted coffee grains on white background

    How to Roast Coffee At Home

    I did not know until I started working in my first coffee shop what coffee was like before it became, well, coffee. I knew from commercials and coffee-product labels that it started out as a brown bean-like-thing before it became the grainy dirt-like substance that, when mixed with hot water, became what we call coffee. […]