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  • An athletic young woman with toned abs is standing on a bridge in London at sunrise with a cup of coffee in her hand

    Coffee and Weight Loss

    Fitness Experts Agree the Bean is Good for Losing the Pounds There is no consensus on coffee’s benefit to your health, though most experts agree that it is beneficial for most people. For the most part, coffee poses adverse effects to pregnant people and people with heart disease, and there are those rare cases where […]

  • italian coffee maker and flower vintage color style toned

    Italian’s Know Their Coffee

    Five of the Oldest Coffee Shops Of the five oldest coffee shops around the world, the oldest in the United States is Caffe Reggio in New York City which was founded in 1927 and boasts of bringing the first espresso machine to the United States and introducing Americans to the cappuccino. The oldest of the […]

  • Coffee House Culture in the USA. Coffee Shop scene with friends at a table together, toasting with coffee drinks.

    Coffee House Culture in the USA

    Coffee Culture Comes To America It is generally agreed that coffee, though known in the colonies that would become the United States, did not become the popular beverage it was today until the Boston Tea Party in 1773. As Tori Avey puts it, that is “when making the switch from tea to coffee became something […]

  • Holiday Ideas for Your Coffee Shop – Father’s Day

    Father’s Day doesn’t get as much hype as Mother’s Day, and I think that’s probably because people are more likely to have absent fathers than absent mothers. They’re also more likely to have unsentimental fathers (like mine, who got genuinely mad at all of us for getting him Christmas presents this year). Historically, it’s been […]

  • Organic Green Matcha Tea in a Bowl

    Coffee Cacao Matcha in The Making

    Combining Interesting Ingredients To Get Your Yerba or Matcha Coffee Mix On It’s really no surprise when “coffee” and “health” come up in the same sentence; coffee was originally marketed for medicinal purposes, as least in the West. And, continuing into today, this very year, people are finding newer, better ways to keep coffee from […]

  • Different types of non-dairy milk

    Navigating Your Inner Dairy Sensitivities in a Milk & Sugar World

    I recently discovered that after an entire lifetime drinking milk like it was water and eating cheese like it was candy, I have a dairy sensitivity. In fact, I’m so sensitive to it I probably shouldn’t consume it at all in consideration for those around me, if you catch my…drift. I’m Not Vegan Cheese This […]

  • Mothers day composition. Hands of unrecognizable woman holding greeting card with I love you mom sign and coffee cup. Bouquet of yellow tulips. Studio shot on wooden background.

    Ideas for Your Coffee Shop – Mother’s Day

    Not everyone has a mother, but a lot of people have at least someone they consider a mother figure or someone they honor on that national holiday on May 14th. Additionally, Mother’s Day, no matter how many people have a mother or grandmother or mother-figure to celebrate, is one of the busiest days of the […]

  • Sunset finds a Unicorn lying down for the night on a knoll full of low ground cover.

    All Things Unicorn

    I was rather confused and piqued when my Instagram feed this week continued to be filled with a happily colorful new drink from Starbucks, the Unicorn Frappuccino. I spotted the drink first when working at my local Starbucks. But as I go in for black coffee and wifi I didn’t pay much attention beyond noting […]

  • International “Strange” Coffee Traditions You Need to Try

    Coffee has been around basically forever. It’s one of the top four most consumed beverages in the world. In the United States, our coffee traditions vary depending on whether we’re brewing at home, stopping by Starbucks, or joining the hipster coffee movement and pushing the boundaries of everything we think we know about the brewed […]

  • Burning cocktail with lime and coffee beans on table in a bar

    Coffee and Liquor

    I’ve been having a debate with myself and some friends for the past couple years about which is the most normalized drug our society uses. Some think it’s cannabis, but I think that still has too little overall use and acceptance to qualify. One thinks it’s sugar, which I’m wont to agree with because it’s […]

  • A Young child dressed up in business attire with black glasses is seated at a table with a laptop open, and coffee mug to his right. He is typing on the keyboard.

    Children and Coffee: Yes or No?

    Before my mom would let me drink coffee, she told me I couldn’t because it would stunt my growth. As my mother is now just under 5 foot, I inevitably made some witty (witty in my mind, at least) comment about that being the reason she’s as short as she is. Thankfully, my mother wasn’t […]

  • Beautiful time. Side view portrait of happy attractive pregnant woman with smartwatch keeping cup and drinking coffee while looking through window

    Bouncing (Off the Walls) Baby: Coffee and Pregnancy

    It seems to be turning out that everything everyone thought they knew about everything wasn’t quite correct. Let me be clearer: coffee doesn’t cause cancer (can actually prevent it), coffee doesn’t worsen chances for osteoporosis (can also actually prevent it), and now, coffee may not actually be a total no-no during pregnancy. I grew up […]