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  • Unorthodox Uses for Coffee

    Imagine with me for a moment. Imagine that a long, long time ago, some random dude observed birds getting hyped up on the coffee berry (or however you believe coffee was discovered). Imagine people never accidentally dropped some fried coffee beans near a fire or imagine a large done didn’t slip and crush a pile […]

  • Holiday Ideas for Your Coffee Shop – St. Patrick’s Day

    While it sucks as a customer servant to work on holidays, for your business it can be a fantastic opportunity to renew customer engagement and boost sales; you can also use almost any holiday to boost your employees’ engagement and enthusiasm, which makes up for having to work when many others don’t and which will […]

  • Holiday Ideas for Your Coffee Shop: April Fool’s Day

    It is believed that April Fool’s Day began when France changed their calendars to the Gregorian schedule but not everyone got the memo immediately. Previously, the New Year was celebrated on April 1st, and those who continued to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of a another at the end of March […]

  • Lattes on Draft: Seriously?

    Starting with lattes on tap, this article is about creative iced coffee drinks to give you ideas of what to try this year, either as a consumer or as an innovative beverage industry contributor! The parallels between coffee and alcohol grow more and more apparent the more you look for them. Espressos come in shots, […]

  • Cooking with Coffee

    Coffee is an aromatic wonder that much of the world is addicted to drinking; it wakes us up in the morning, boosts our creative output, and helps us excel at social situations. I know many people who are so addicted to just the flavor of coffee that they continue to drink decaf even when they’ve […]

  • Coffee Grounds and Gardening Grounds: Coffee as Fertilizer?

    The environment was already in dire straits before a new administration took over the US; an administration which promises to deregulate many industries in ways that will likely accelerate the detrimental effects humans have on the environment, in addition to stopping efforts to reverse and minimize the damage we’re doing. This means that anything and […]

  • Can’t Decide What to Do on a First Date? Head to a Coffee Shop!

    Dating in the modern age has changed. One way it has changed in particular is where we go on first dates. If you, like me, aren’t a drinker, or if you just don’t want to meet a stranger off the Internet at a dark bar all alone, planning your first date at a coffee shop […]

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    Should You Sell Products In Your Coffee Shop?

    The first part of the answer to this question is going to come from you. It’s up to you and your vision for your business’ brand, your financial situation, and so forth if you want to invest in, design, stock and promote retail items. Retail items offer several advantages to your business. They reinforce your […]

  • Where To Find a Source For Your Coffee Shop’s Utensils and Drinkware

    Where you find your coffee shop’s supplies is going to depend in part on your location and the aesthetic of your business. It also depends on the size of your business and the money you are willing to spend. Most likely, you are going to want to look at restaurant supply stores for your supplies; […]

  • Coffee Shop Window Designs For Holidays And Store Announcements

    You’ve done it. You’ve opened your coffee roastery or coffee shop and started building that loyal customer base. Your employees are bonding and learning how to work efficiently together. You’ve gotten your name and your brand out there, in your neighborhood and the surrounding areas. You’ve started promoting yourself on social media, you’ve got suppliers […]

  • Should You Add TVs to Your Coffee Shop?

    The first sports bar opened its doors in 1933, welcoming the end of Prohibition properly; the space had previously been a candy shop and convenience store and when alcohol was legalized the family expanded. It was located in a veritable sports hub in St. Louis, located near the playing field of the Cardinals and Browns, […]

  • Design Your Menu to Be Beautiful, Functional and Fun

    Your menu is a part of your brand. It is a visual, interactive and informative aspect of the overall impression of your business. Each of those adjectives is an important aspect to consider in your design. Make It Visual Make sure your menu reflects the visuals in the rest of your business. Make sure there […]