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  • What Type of Music Should Your Coffee Shop Be Playing?

    Choosing the music for your coffee shop depends on what type of coffee shop you have and what your “vibe” is. It depends on what message you want to send to your customers, where you’re located in the world, and what your customers need in a coffee shop setting. I generally accept that when I […]

  • Offer Local Events & Gatherings to Attract New Coffee Business

    Hosting events or opening up your space to events is a great way to network your business. It makes people familiar with your brand and your space: “Oh, I always wondered what this looked like on the inside,” or “I’m almost out of coffee, I wonder if those bags are for sale.” It’s also a […]

  • Your Coffee Shop’s Success May Depend On The Furniture You Choose

    A lot of times, a business’ success comes down to luck; the stars align, God is in a good mood that year, or you win the economic lottery. Businesses also succeed because of hard work, solid research and marketing, and lots of experience. As a coffee roaster and/or coffee shop, your success is going to […]

  • Throwaway or Reusable?

    I’ve said it many times, especially during my time as a barista: coffee just tastes better in a ceramic cup. Unless you’re chugging your hot beverage at lightning speed, it’s going to start to absorb all those papery flavors as it disintegrates your paper cup. As someone who often drinks coffee slowly (until it cools […]

  • How To Make Outdoor Seating The Best Place For Customers To Hang Out

    If you want to have outdoor seating at your establishment, you have to be smart about it. First, you have to have the space. You’ll need to know the laws in your area for patios and whatnot. Even before that, you’ll obviously want to choose a space where outdoor seating is feasible, easily accessible, and […]

  • Not Just Coffee: Food Pairings for Your Brew

    Coffee is a staple in so many of our lives. We have it to start our day; some of us have it after each meal. Some of us mix it with liquor to celebrate surviving another week. Coffee also speeds up the metabolism, which means pairing it with food can be somewhat guilt free. When […]

  • Is Seattle the Coffee Mecca of the United States?

    Seattle, Washington could very well be the coffee mecca of the United States. In fact, it is widely considered to be the World Capital of Coffee–both for roasting and for supply. Seattle residents are said to buy and drink more coffee than anyone in any other city in the country. There are approximately 35 coffeeshops […]

  • Pour Some Coffee In Me

    Pour-over coffee technically means the process of pouring hot water over ground coffee beans to create brewed coffee. By that definition, your everyday drip coffee maker is a pour-over system. It is an automated pour-over system; when you hear the phrase “pour-over coffee” these days, however, it refers to manual pour-overs. The process is still […]

  • Local Art and Your Coffee Shop

    As you are opening up your new space, or refurbishing a well loved coffee shop, you may be looking at the walls of your business and scratching your head. What is the best way to create the décor you are looking for, while also not spending a bundle on Ikea stylized photos? Depending on your […]

  • Is the customer always right?

    “The customer is always right,” is a problematic phrase that entered our vernacular in 1909, coined by founder of Selfridge department stores, Harry Selfridge. Of course, customer service is a huge part of your customer serving business. Customers are the reason your make money, so you want them to be satisfied. A satisfied customer is […]

  • Location Location Location

    One of the most important things to decide when opening a new business is where it is going to be. You can have the bombest products, logo, and interior; but, if no one can find you, if there aren’t enough parking spots, or you’re too out of the way, it won’t matter. Before you can […]

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    Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee

    If you have found yourself being asked to decide between a cold brew coffee and an iced coffee by your very hip barista, you have probably wondered, what the heck is the difference? You are probably debating between a thrifty coffee and looking like a cool uptown coffee enthusiast. There are a few key differences […]