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  • Ready to Refurbish? Designing Your Space

    You’ve been looking around your coffee shop and noticing that your furniture is starting to get a bit old, the layout while once perfect could use a little mix up, and you are ready to bring in some new customers. It might be time to give your coffee shop a little face lift and redesign […]

  • Investing in Alternative Milks

    Yet another customer has come in and asked you if they can substitute their iced coffee milk for hazelnut, your barista politely responds “is soy okay?” only to be met with a wrinkled nose and a glance back at the menu. You might think, isn’t this alternative enough? Today’s customers have become accustomed to a […]

  • The Best Tips & Ideas I Learned When Training Employees

    The Best Tips & Ideas I Learned When Training Employees

    This post is mostly specific to roasting specialty and third wave coffee. A lot of the tips and ideas, however, can apply to any roasting or other type of business. One of your strongest assets in building a successful, flourishing and sustainable business is your employees. Training them well and keeping them happy and productive […]

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    Not Coffee: What Your Coffeeshop Should Offer Besides Coffee

    Whether your business is a coffee-shop, a roastery, or a roastery/coffee-shop combo with a bar on Friday nights, you know the basic things you need to sell. As a roaster, you are selling your whole beans, roasted to perfection, in various weights. If you’re a coffee shop, you’re selling a drip coffee, and maybe an […]

  • What the Heck is Terroir and Why Does it Matter?

    If you know anything about wine, you may have heard the word “terroir” before. Terroir is a French word that can mean country, region, soil and land. Terroir as a concept is French in origins, and began as a part of a standardization system for French wines. It refers to all of the environmental influences […]

  • Coffee Cupping to Sample and Brand Your Product

    Coffee cupping is a fantastic way to increase the traffic to your plant or shop and it is the best way to test the beans that you are cupping for quality and inspiration for your product descriptions. One of the best ways to cultivate a loyal customer base is to make your business a social […]

  • What kind of Coffee Shop are you?

    Whether your roastery is going to have a coffee shop attached to it or is just going to sell to coffee shops, it is important that you know the prominent types of coffee shops that are out there. This will help you market your product, and determine which products to offer. You can use this […]