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  • Catering to Your Niche Customers: Writers

    There’s something about coffee shops that have drawn writers from the dawn of (their) time. I’m talking well before the age of the telecommuting freelancer and the freelance direction the bulk of our economy is trending toward. Some of the most famous writers prefer public spaces, like coffee shops, for getting their best work done […]

  • Sell Your Coffee Using Custom Printed Packaging

    Your brand is nothing if it doesn’t speak for itself; and, honestly, your business is nothing without a brand. Perhaps when you first started out, you had to sideline branding and labeling, opting for cheaper alternatives and focusing on getting your product out there in order to build a loyal customer base. The thing is, […]

  • Catering to Your Niche Customers: Artists

    Opening up your coffee shop to niche audiences may seem like a waste of energy for a small population; but, if you focus your attentions on multiple niches, you’ll find that you garner the business of a variety of people and you may also find that many of these niches overlap. For example, focusing your […]

  • Catering to Your Niche Customers: RPGs

    For the most part, this blog will discuss RPG players who participate in tabletop RPGs and how you can accommodate this highly specific niche demographic at your coffee shop or roaster. Tabletop RPGs are a type of interactive and collaborative storytelling. Sometimes this pastime involves costuming; but, mostly the tabletop manifestations involve a group of […]

  • Coffee and Your Health – Does Coffee Affect Your Liver?

    A recent study suggests that a moderate amount of coffee intake may be able to assist in reducing liver damage caused by eating too much food and drinking too much alcohol. One study showed that adding 2 cups of coffee a day to one’s intake showed an average reduction in liver failure of over 40%. […]

  • Coffee and Your Health – Does Coffee Affect Your Heart?

    Too much coffee can give some people heart-palpitations. I know that when I have too much caffeine (and not enough food and water along with it) I get increased anxiety. It’s a stimulant, so that makes sense. There has, in the past, been information spread about coffee and its links to heart attacks and other […]

  • Catering to your niche customers: Online Gamers (MMORPGs)

    Social gaming is the new and current frontier for gamers. Logging on and chatting with people across the world (or even just across the room) while inhabiting a fantasy world or bluffing your way through poker is where it’s at these days. As of 2014, data showed that the average online gamer spent an average […]

  • How to Use Instagram to Market Your Coffee Business

    The Internet and Social Media are the latest frontiers for business and business promotion. Thousands, if not millions of people are launching businesses online and some of them are launching businesses on Instagram alone. Whether you are a coffee roaster with a physical shop, or you want to promote and sell online alone, I’ve got […]

  • Catering to Your Niche: Teenagers

    The teen demographic has been steadily growing for years now for almost every business. They are spending more money (or having their parents/guardians spend money) and influencing trends left and right. Back in 2003 data showed that people between 12 and 19 years of age spent $175 billion. Other data from 2014 shows that a […]

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    How to Choose Your Business Name, Brand & Identity Wisely

    If you find a business you like but you can’t remember it’s name, what do you do? Some of us might do the work of searching the Internet, using a few key words; some might ask around to see if any friends or family know what the heck you’re talking about. Others might even employ […]

  • Catering to Your Niche: Foodies

    A quick survey of the neighborhood around you can let you know if you are in a hub of foodies. Words such as artisanal, organic, fresh, exotic, and clever pun names for restaurants are all indicators that the clientele in your neighborhood may be identifying themselves as foodies, passionate lovers of food looking for new […]

  • Catering to Your Niche: Freelancers

    So you’ve been looking around your coffee shop and you find that the majority of your clientele are quickly typing on laptops, draining cups of coffee, and are plugged into their headsets chattering on about a new product. What you may discover is that your café is a hub for freelancers in your area. This […]