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  • Catering to Your Niche: Bring Your Dog Day!

    It’s a beautiful day at your café. You’ve just finished putting out your patio furniture for the afternoon and you can’t help but notice potential clients walking by, leash in hand, with their favorite pup. If you are looking to draw these customers and their cuddly canines into your store, it might be time to […]

  • Catering to Your Niche: Screen Free Zones

    A new phenomenon has begun cropping up around America. Coffee shops, once known as a haven for technology-focused work, have placed signs saying “screen free area”. But what does all this mean? Coffee shop owners, most prominently trending in New York and Los Angeles, are asking their clients to put down their tablets and phones, […]

  • Pricing Your Products

    Determining the prices of your products can start out as a very idealistic endeavor. As a business, you want to make as much money as possible, and that can lead to the instinct to price as high as possible; after all, that’s guaranteed higher profits, right? You probably know that you’re not actually going to […]

  • Networking Online and Off

    Building your new business is about 25% business plans and product and 75% networking. Okay, I made those numbers up; but, networking is really, really important. Networking provides your new business with vital information and resources that will help you grow, sustain and succeed. It provides you with countless opportunities to develop new relationships and […]