Coffee and Weight Loss

Fitness Experts Agree the Bean is Good for Losing the Pounds

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Fitness Experts Agree the Bean is Good for Losing the Pounds

There is no consensus on coffee’s benefit to your health, though most experts agree that it is beneficial for most people. For the most part, coffee poses adverse effects to pregnant people and people with heart disease, and there are those rare cases where someone is allergic to caffeine. You should, of course, avoid coffee in that case for sure. Other than that, coffee offers benefits beyond the primary energy boosting effect. One of those benefits may just be enhanced weight loss.

A lot of diet pills on the market contain some form of caffeine or coffee. I’ve experimented with green coffee bean pills, green tea pills, and the like myself. Some experts out and out recommend drinking coffee (black preferably) to assist with your weight loss efforts. Is there any truth to this notion? Will any coffee intake help me lose weight? And why does coffee (if it does) help me lose weight? Those are the questions we’re going to answer.

Caffeine Stimulates Your Body

Caffeine is a stimulant. That means that it jump starts processes in your body. Your brain feels more alert after a cup of Joe because caffeine stimulates certain receptors up there. (It also tricks the receptors that tell you you’re tired of thinking you’re not tired). Caffeine also stimulates your metabolic processes. Caffeine initiate lipolysis in your bod, releasing free fatty acids throughout the bloodstream. That process breaks down the fat stored in your body to convert it into energy. This creates a slight boost to your metabolism, sort of, waking it up, as caffeine is famed to do. Getting your metabolism going is key to burning the food you ingest for the day. Instigating those fat burning processes will help you burn more fat.

Caffeine the Giver of Energy – and helper in Weight Loss

Caffeine can also help with weight loss efforts through the process it is most famous for: giving energy. When caffeine minimizes your drowsiness and maximizes your alertness, you are capable of doing many tasks for a longer period. That’s not just referring to studying or inputting data into an Excel form that also includes activities like running or general exercise. Your brain and body are more awake than they were before the caffeine, so they function at a higher level of performance for longer. Boosting your performance level in physical activities will push you further in your weight loss goal.

Coffee and Weight Loss. Notice the cup of coffee with a sensible dinner. Nutrition Healthy Diet Plan App opened on the Smartphone.
Healthy Eating – Coffee with a Sensible Chicken and Vegetables Entree

That Moment When You Find You Are Sensitive to Caffeine

From personal experience, I know my body is slightly sensitive to caffeine intake. I have to be careful not to have too much on an empty stomach. I have to make sure I have enough water to counteract the dehydrating effects of coffee/caffeine. And, I have to limit my intake during physical or anxiety-inducing activities because my heart-rate has, on occasion, gotten a little out of hand. There are recommended amounts of caffeine for healthy, safe exercises and weight-loss. But the key thing to remember is that everyone reacts differently to different things; I know people who can have 12 shots of espresso in a day and not feel any adverse effects (or so they say) whereas I’m at my limit if I have three small regular coffees staggered throughout my day. I know someone who has never been a caffeine consumer of any kind, and she can have the tiniest sip of coffee and feel shaky and jittery for half an hour.

Meeting Your Metabolic & Exercise Rewards for Weight Loss

First, it’s going to depend on your regular intake of caffeine. If you’ve built up a tolerance, you may need a little more caffeine than usual to see metabolic and exercise rewards. People who don’t drink a lot of coffee in general, or who don’t drink it daily, will only need a couple of hundred milligrams to begin to see some of these effects. That’s about a small cup of coffee in most places, though the sizes are getting larger and some smalls can have more caffeine than that. Experts recommend starting with a small amount to see how your body reacts to the caffeine combined with exercise; especially if you aren’t used to caffeine. The key is to be smart, don’t push your body too far. If you do it just right, you could see those weight-loss results you’ve been dying for.


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