Holiday Ideas for Your Coffee Shop – International Coffee Day

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For the sake of transparency, I typed about half of those before I realized I should just copy and paste them; to be fair, I think typing them would have been faster.

For the sake of even more transparency, I seriously considered making this entire post the word coffee over and over again with the date of International Coffee Day (September 29) at the very bottom. Because, let’s face it, that’s the freaking point. It’s International Coffee Day, and you’re a coffee shop; I think you have to participate in some way or risk losing your status as a coffee shop. Could you imagine? There’s like some secret coffee Illuminati looming around, making sure everyone participates in some way. They sneak into your store after hours once they see that you haven’t engaged and they remove all of your coffee supplies and leave a magazine-lettered note. It says something like: you’ve had your coffee-shop status revoked and that they’ve also somehow blocked your access to coffee supplies for the rest of forever. And imagine that this is somehow legal at all. You’d just be a tea shop with some muffins, wouldn’t you?

So, since the chances of something like that happening have to be really high, I wouldn’t even consider not participating if I were you!

The point of any holiday promotional is to be creative in your efforts to optimize customer engagement!

It’s a day all about coffee. You can go as simple as a free cup for every customer, a free cup for regulars, or a discount on any coffee beverage. You could do an International Coffee Day happy hour. Since it’s in the dead of summer, you could have an outdoors event, giving out free samples or free coffees, you could rent or buy a coffee bean costume if those things exist and if you want to subject an employee to a full body suit in the dead of summer.

Online you could promote the day with articles about the history of coffee, your dedication and vision for your coffee business, what makes your coffee special, information about third wave (or the other various waves) of coffee, about the history of the holiday. You could have personal posts or blogs from your employees about their relationship with coffee. You could feature customers on Instagram or YouTube talking about their relationship with coffee or with your coffee shop; this would primarily elevate customer engagement.

You can decorate with posters from the coffee producers of the world, vintage coffee photos, coffee drawings or coffee cup art if you have the means.

You could use this day as an opportunity to roll out a new product, menu item or coffee blend, or even a new brewing method.

You could have events surrounding the history or education of coffee, open to the public, featuring free coffee. You could have open, public cuppings and tastings. You could offer complimentary roasting or brewing classes. You could host a community part, making it a prom or birthday theme, really playing up the celebratory idea, even to a level of silliness, with the type of self-awareness that makes people more willing to participate. You can create a musical playlist themed around coffee. You could have an event/events featuring coffee documentaries or coffee-themed movies or television shows. You could have a poetry contest or poetry show around the theme of coffee; the same could be done with songs or art. These could be after-hours events or even week-long events.

The point of the day is to get people excited about coffee and to celebrate your coffee business and the people who make its success possible! Even a sincere appreciation post to your regular customers with a further promotion of whatever your special for the day is would go a long way in informing people and making them understand what the day means to you and what it could mean to them. Coffee shops are a place for gathering for many various occasions, it’s a place where a lot of creativity happens, first dates, last dates, reunions, it’s a place where artists and businesspeople commingle—the coffee industry has brought many people together and created industry booms, new technologies and which only has further to go in its impact on the world. That’s a lot to celebrate!


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