Your Coffee Business Needs a Blog

It used to be that a blog was something pre-teens and teenagers spilled too many details into, a type of diary that the entire world had the potential to see–though, of course, a maximum of 3 people only ever stumbled across mine (as far as I know). These days, a blog can be anything and everything. It can still be the public diary, or it can be a space for witty storytelling or political manifestos. Today, you can make money just from blogging. These days, you can also enhance the money your business makes with blogging as well.

Your business should have a website. At maximum, of course, you should be connected to a handful of social media sites for modern-day self-promotion; but, having a unique and tailored website is also highly recommended. Your website is where people find out your hours of operation, find out about events at your space, and potentially buy merchandise and products when they can’t make it to your physical store. It is one of your best marketing tools. The amount of traffic to your website correlates to the amount of traffic to your business, the number of people who know about it, and it can multiply that business if used correctly. This is where the blog comes into play.

A blog plays several roles in your online persona and your marketing and business strategy. A blog that includes personalized updates about your business and its personnel is one that creates a sense of community and connection with your business. This is similar to what a well-tended social media account can accomplish; giving your business a personal touch that increases customer engagement and increases your customer base.

Your blog is an opportunity to feature and highlight your best practices and your best employees. As a roastery, for example, you can feature your roasters on a regular basis, interviewing them for their journey to roasting and the world of coffee. You can feature those employees who pursue educational opportunities like their Q Qualification, or those who travel abroad to specially select your next best blend. This gives a personal, involved feeling to your website and your business. It also engages the coffee community at large by connecting you to what’s going on there; the more coffee people who know about your brand and are engaged with it, the more conventions and competitions and opportunities for collaboration you’ll find yourself involved with. The more people you know, the better chances your business has of growing and blossoming.

Beyond blogs specific to your business, you should also include “expert” content blogs. This increases engagement by bringing traffic to your site (and your business, by extension) that didn’t specifically set out to find your specific business. You can draw in even more coffee people by blogging about roasting techniques or the history of coffee. Many of these types of blogs have been done, but an individual spin on it keeps it relevant. You can draw in potential customers with home-brewing or coffee storage advice, for example. Many roasters encourage engagement by creating customer competitions, such as home-roasting competitions, where the prizes can include a feature on the blog and products from your business.

You can also blog about the coffee community, featuring coffee celebrities, or discussing your favorite coffee brands, which enhances your good feelings within that community and expands your potential connections.

Your blog is also a great place to expand on the information about events going on at your physical store. If you are having a speaker come in to talk about something specific, or if you are having a book signing, you can do a profile of the visitor to encourage better attendance.

You can use your blog as a creative outlet for your artistically inclined employees and in order to attract your most likely customers, who are also the artistically inclined. You can make your blog completely random and fun, playful and creative, drawing in a variety of traffic that enhances the popularity of your website and your business along with it.

Blogs are also a great opportunity for backlinks that connect visitors to other pages on your website, which in turn creates more traffic throughout your site and enhances your online popularity. If you feature other businesses or people or information or cite other articles, you can boost traffic to your site by helping to boost traffic to other sites. You can contact other coffee businesses, blogs or anyone and offer to do a profile on your blog; they will most likely want to promote on their own online domains, thus boosting your backlinks throughout the World Wide Web.

Finally, you can use your blog to boost your employees’ morale and engagement. You can do this by having employees write their own blogs, about what it’s like to work for your company or their journey to coffee–offering to feature their writing will be an ego-boost and will likely result in them linking the blog to their friends and family. You can also do an employee-of-the-month type thing where you do a fun feature on a different employee, which results in similar things. If you have company-wide events, the blog is a great resource for summing up the events and posting pictures of your employees enjoying their time together in the context of a company event. People like to see a company that cares for their employees and employees that actually like where they work and who they work with.

You can hire someone to write your blogs (freelancers, ghostwriters, people like me), or have people on your staff who do so; you could also find interns (with writing preferences/experience) and offer the incentive of a byline for keeping a blog. You could write the blogs yourself. Just remember that people want engaging content, whether that be personable, witty or highly-expert; they also want reliable, so strive to create content that is well-written no matter what style it is in. A blog is an easy and versatile way to boost your business both online and off!



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  1. The content of this article is complete and very informative. Always consider setting up your own website or blog for your business. Now a days, online presence is a must in building your company presence and credibility. Your company website is your digital magazine. Once you set-up your website always remember to keep the site updated for more and better customer engagement.

  2. Great article! IMHO, with the right content, you can keep interacting with your visitors. From SEO perspective too blogging can make your online presence more secure. So, keep writing for your visitors and engage them with interesting and useful info.

  3. Really liked this article! There are a few coffee shops I attend locally, some of which have blogs and or websites, and some that don’t. I always look for a place’s website before I try it out in person. It’s nice to get a feel for what kind of atmosphere the coffee shop has before actually going. It’s also very helpful when the shops post their menus online. I’m someone who always likes to be prepared, so if I’m trying out a new shop or ordering something new, I like to do my research beforehand, rather than staring at their menu for ten minutes. Also, if I’m deciding between two shops I’ve never been to, I’ll generally choose the one that has a blog over the one that has no online presence. It’s just nice to see a company that is more people-oriented; and having a blog with a friendly, yet professional tone is the best way to do that.

    • Yeah, I agree. If I haven’t been to a restaurant or coffee place before, I like to be able to check their menus to make sure that I’ll like it and be able to plan what I get. It’s a definite plus when a business has an online presence.

    • I agree with this. A website is just basically that shop’s address in the Internet. A good blog with the right content would definitely make me want to visit that website a lot more.

    • Hi Kayley, that is a good idea. I like to be prepared also, but I never thought of looking at a coffee shops website first. I’ll have to remember that next time I try out a new coffee shop. I think also that it would help in reading the reviews first to find out what others think of that coffee shop!

  4. Great ideas, and great suggestion about hiring someone to write the blog for you if you don’t have time or are not a good writer. Your blog can be casual and conversational, but should still look and sound professional. I tend to think less of a business if their website or social media page is badly written.

  5. Statistics say that blogging is the best marketing tool so far, and after it comes visual content. In fact, the more I read about blogging, I realize that I know few about it. I really liked this article! it gave me information and a lot of tips about blogging. In my opinion, every coffee shop must have its website, which provides customers with information about hours of operation and events. Besides, it helps in increasing revenues.

  6. Nowadays, it is essential for a company to have a website, a page or a blog especially if you have an online business. People usually search the net for the sites that can cater their needs or can give them information. If you have great content on your website or blog, people would probably share it with others, subscribe or buy your products.

  7. Personally speaking, I believe that every coffee shop should have a blog and provide its customers with all the information they seek. Some people tend to do their research beforehand and one of the best way to introduce themselves with a coffee shop is definitelly a coffee blog. One can learn a lot from reading that kind of blog, from everything a person wanted to know to the things a person never knew was relevant to the story.

  8. In this age of internet if you are not writing content and good informative blogs for your prospective customers, then you can’t grow your business. It’s applicable to every business and ofcourse for coffee business as well!

  9. There’s this large cafe chain that’s made their blog more focused on the people rather than the business itself. I think it’s a good way to keep the content fresh and interesting while also staying true to brand. The said cafe caters to their niches with the website, which I think helps boost customer interaction with the shop.

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