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  • How to Fund a Business. A businesswoman holds a pink piggy bank toward the camera - a banking and financial savings concept. Business Investment or Savings


    How to Fund a New Business

    The Old Adage The old adage “you’ve got to spend money to make money” has never made much sense to me on its surface, because how can you spend what you don’t yet have when you are are looking to fund a business? It’s precisely that necessity that can make starting a new business feel […]

  • Mobile phone in a woman's hand, night, city ​​of Light background. Female outdoor mobile phone city SMS message


    Should You Create an App For Your Business?

    Smartphone Apps & Your Business In April of 2016 estimates placed the number of smartphone users worldwide at over 2.6 billion. Estimated projections place that number at a potential 6.1 billion by the year 2020. You know what that means? Well, really, it means a lot of things to a lot of different people; but, […]

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: metaphor of light bulb made of leaves


    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Community * Society * World Whatever your business and whoever you are, it’s going to behoove you to consider your company’s impact on your community, society and the world. Whether you are strongly motivated for your own personal or political reasons to contribute to some type of activism, or you’re merely driven by the increased […]

  • Coffee House Culture in the USA. Coffee Shop scene with friends at a table together, toasting with coffee drinks.


    Coffee House Culture in the USA

    Coffee Culture Comes To America It is generally agreed that coffee, though known in the colonies that would become the United States, did not become the popular beverage it was today until the Boston Tea Party in 1773. As Tori Avey puts it, that is “when making the switch from tea to coffee became something […]

  • To Email or not to email: Business Advice. Business man Presenting Email Icon Over Grey Background.


    To Email or Not to Email: Business Advice

    I’ve written a bit about utilizing social media to the advantage of your business; but, I want to take it a little more necessary, slightly more direct, a bit more old school though with definitely continued relevance: to email. Using email for business within your company as well as for communications with consumers, clients, et […]

  • Pricing Transparency: A person holding cash in one hand and a smartphone with an opened calculator app in the other. Looking downward through this along a z-axis, we see a bag of fruit which has fruit spilling out onto the floor.


    Is Pricing Transparency the Future?

    Consumers like me have grown up hearing the adage “You get what you pay for,” and now, a growing number of consumers are putting that saying to the test. One thing the coffee industry can teach us definitively is that consumers like, and maybe even crave, transparency. Starbucks, the global phenomenon, has responded to trends […]

  • Flexible Packaging with Hot Stamp Service, different company logos are displayed on coffee bags, stand up pouches, and block bottom bags.


    Storing Your Coffee: Best Practices

    There’s a science to storing coffee, and the first thing it tells us is that no, it is not better to store your coffee in the fridge or freezer. The first rules for coffee storage is finding a place which is cool, dry and dark. Apparently, someone’s idea of storing your beans or grounds in […]

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