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    How & Where to Start Your Social Media Activity as a Business?

    It seems an impossibility to consider opening a new business in any industry today without involving some sort of social media strategy. So much of our lives takes place online and with the advent of the Internet of Things and increasingly more accessible Internet and technology, social media is developing the power to make or […]

  • DIY Coffee Roasting at home. Freshly brewed coffee in the old style


    Coffee Roasting at Home: A How To Get Started Guide

    In a previous post, I mentioned that one strategy for optimizing the freshness and quality of your coffee at home would be to start roasting at home. The roasting process initiates deterioration in the coffee, so roasting small batches on your own will minimize your chances of having coffee go bad; you roast what you […]

  • Diversity in the Workplace. Business Team Working Break Eating Lunch Concept


    Diversity in the Workplace is Good for Business

    Diversity is a buzz word that is still trying to find its best meaning. When it comes to hiring, for many companies it seems to mean hiring one or two “token” individuals who represent some set of differences from the majority of the rest of the enterprise. In 2014, the tech world in Silicon Valley […]

  • Breaking away from Seasonal Marketing for your Business. Shopping Cart Illustration: Mega or Big Weekend Sale Shopping Cart Banner with all key texts related to Sale.


    Breaking Away From Seasonal Marketing

    There can be, as Julia Sutherland wrote in 2014, a “’feast or famine’ effect of seasonality, and the unpredictability that comes with having a business built on conditions during a particular season.” Recently, I wrote that business owners should “lean in” to the emerging and advancing technologies to optimize their business success; this article is […]

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    Receipts Aren’t Just Paper

    “Lean In” is a 2013 book from Sheryl Sandberg that talks about gender bias in various industries and gives women advice on how to overcome it in various ways. In her book, “Lean in,” refers to giving the appearance of engagement, sitting forward and appearing to actively listen (or to actually actively listen) in a […]

  • Young Blonde Waitress Smelling Coffee Beans In Cooling Container


    Let’s Get To Know the Blonde Roasts

    Why Do the Blonde Roasts Catch Our Eyes & Hearts? “Blonde roast” is how Starbucks decided to brand its lighter roast coffee when it first emerged into their stores sometime around 2012. In regards to Blonde Roasts, the first I found of the “lighter” roast was in an article in The Seattle Times, from the city […]

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    Holiday Ideas for Your Coffee Shop – Father’s Day

    Father’s Day doesn’t get as much hype as Mother’s Day, and I think that’s probably because people are more likely to have absent fathers than absent mothers. They’re also more likely to have unsentimental fathers (like mine, who got genuinely mad at all of us for getting him Christmas presents this year). Historically, it’s been […]

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