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  • Digitally generated Hands holding their smartphones out connecting to social media


    Social Media and Building Your Business Buzz

    It seems an impossibility to consider opening a new business in any industry today without involving some sort of social media strategy. So much of our lives takes place online and with the advent of the Internet of Things and increasingly more accessible Internet and technology, social media is developing the power to make or […]

  • Grains of roasted arabica coffee in a jar on black background, selective focus


    Getting To Know The Dark Roasts

    Dark Roasts Brood Deeper Thoughts   Dark Roast’s Profile is Strong & Bold Even though most coffee elitists and specialty coffee connoisseurs will be quick to tell you light roast is the best roast, the market for dark roast coffees is, much like its flavor profile, strong and bold. Looking at the best-selling ground coffee […]

  • Business man drawing a check on smiley face


    Entice Your Customers into Leaving Positive Reviews

    It almost doesn’t matter what kind of business you have these days: the Internet is going to be involved. Even if you don’t have a website or a social media presence (which, honestly, you should), people are going to find you online. People are going to find out facts about your business like where it’s […]

  • Roasts Light to Dark. Coffee beans showing various stage of roasting from the green bean through to a dark roast. EPS10 vector format


    Types of Roasts 101: A Guide From Light To Dark

    It’s still not common knowledge that dark roast coffee is not, in fact, higher in caffeine content. It tastes strong and, often, that’s what matters to people. The science is conflicted as to just how much difference there is when it comes to caffeine content and roasting; but there are notable characteristic differences when you’re […]

  • A kangaroo silhouette with the Australia flag within it


    Coffee Around the World: Australia

    It was never so much an outright statement or conversation when I worked at various coffee shops, it was more an understanding: Australians do coffee well. Or, at the very least, they do coffee distinctively. I remember Australian tourists praising one of my coffee shop’s brews with flabbergasted voices; they’d yet to find anything in […]

  • Corporate Culture of a Company and Responsibility


    Corporations are People Too!

    According to the United States law of the land, corporations are people. Avoiding the actual politics of that definition, I wanted to try to break down and simplify what corporations actually are, what makes them different from other types of businesses, and what the pros and cons to both (or all) are. A corporation refers […]

  • Pensive woman with coffee mug near Ouzoud waterfall in Morocco


    An Update on Coffee and Climate Change

    Climate Change has become a political debate separating the US along political lines. Most scientists agree, no matter what their affiliation, that it is not a matter of if climate change is real, it’s a matter of when it effects will start to be truly devastating. To be clear, it is not a question of […]

  • Organic Green Matcha Tea in a Bowl


    Coffee Cacao Matcha in The Making

    Combining Interesting Ingredients To Get Your Yerba or Matcha Coffee Mix On It’s really no surprise when “coffee” and “health” come up in the same sentence; coffee was originally marketed for medicinal purposes, as least in the West. And, continuing into today, this very year, people are finding newer, better ways to keep coffee from […]

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