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  • People in line at a cafe in Hong Kong.


    How To Attract New Customers To Your Coffee Shop

    Starting a new business, no matter what kind, is an investment. It’s an investment of time, energy, creativity, and, especially, money. As you’re establishing your new business, you want to spend money in the right places to bring in that clientele and those investors that are going to sustain it. This means that you don’t […]

  • Different types of non-dairy milk


    Navigating Your Inner Dairy Sensitivities in a Milk & Sugar World

    I recently discovered that after an entire lifetime drinking milk like it was water and eating cheese like it was candy, I have a dairy sensitivity. In fact, I’m so sensitive to it I probably shouldn’t consume it at all in consideration for those around me, if you catch my…drift. I’m Not Vegan Cheese This […]

  • Cargo ship loaded in New York container terminal at night viewed from Elizabeth NJ across Elizabethport reach.


    Tariffs, Quotas, and Your Business

    The US’s new administration is making some headlines recently, with some accusing them of instigating trade wars with foreign allies to the US (allies and trade partners, to be clear) and others calling actions like tariffs a substantial step toward an “America First” policy. I wanted to look at these issues further, specifically tariffs and […]

  • Mothers day composition. Hands of unrecognizable woman holding greeting card with I love you mom sign and coffee cup. Bouquet of yellow tulips. Studio shot on wooden background.


    Ideas for Your Coffee Shop – Mother’s Day

    Not everyone has a mother, but a lot of people have at least someone they consider a mother figure or someone they honor on that national holiday on May 14th. Additionally, Mother’s Day, no matter how many people have a mother or grandmother or mother-figure to celebrate, is one of the busiest days of the […]

  • The dried flesh of the coffee berries cascara is scattered on the orange surface. Close-up


    Cascara: Coffee, Tea, Fruit or Bean?

    Cascara: Coffee, Tea, Fruit or Bean? What is it? Where Does it Come From? Why Are We Drinking It? Not that long ago I wrote a blog about the trends in coffee for summer. I thought I had been thorough, but of course, I probably had considering we were only 3 or so months into […]

  • Best Coffee in New York City


    Best Coffee in New York City

    Refinery29 is a mecca for all things trendy, progressive and exciting on the Internet. The company is just hipster enough to do all of that without the mindlessness of Buzzfeed quizzes – (The type of potato I am is tater tots if you were desperate to know) – with the aesthetics of the best of […]

  • Sunset finds a Unicorn lying down for the night on a knoll full of low ground cover.


    All Things Unicorn

    I was rather confused and piqued when my Instagram feed this week continued to be filled with a happily colorful new drink from Starbucks, the Unicorn Frappuccino. I spotted the drink first when working at my local Starbucks. But as I go in for black coffee and wifi I didn’t pay much attention beyond noting […]

  • ,

    Dairy and Sugar Alternatives for your Coffee

    So, apparently I’m getting older, and that means that my body doesn’t like the things that it used to. Let me clarify: my body doesn’t like things like sugar and dairy anymore; but, that does not in any way mean that I don’t like sugar and dairy anymore. In fact, finding out that I should […]

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