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    International “Strange” Coffee Traditions You Need to Try

    Coffee has been around basically forever. It’s one of the top four most consumed beverages in the world. In the United States, our coffee traditions vary depending on whether we’re brewing at home, stopping by Starbucks, or joining the hipster coffee movement and pushing the boundaries of everything we think we know about the brewed […]

  • Baristas bending over rows of fresh coffee at a tasting. Professional baristas leaning over a row of freshly ground coffee, taking in the aroma, at a coffee tasting with different varieties of roasted coffee beans


    Bold or Blonde: Does Your Coffee Roast Matter?

    The Starbucks phenomenon began in 1971 at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle, when a small coffee shop started offering its customers a wide variety of coffee drinks. The phenomenon, which spawned hundreds, maybe thousands, of copycat companies trying to replicate Starbucks’ success, has contributed tremendously to coffee culture. Anyone living in the NYC area has […]

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    Tips for Starting a Coffee Roasting Business

    Starting a coffee roasting business is both similar to starting any other kind of business and different. It’s similar in some of the basic needs and preparation you’ll have to fulfill, and it’s different for the very specific needs, qualifications, and skills that are necessary for commercial coffee roasting. I’m going to talk about business […]

  • Coffee word made by coffee beans with chocolate , pastry and cup of coffee


    Baking with Coffee

    What did you expect when you read that title? Originally, I was going to write exclusively about using coffee–brewed or otherwise–in baking recipes. I’ve covered that a bit in previous blogs, however, and didn’t just want to end up repeating myself. I want to talk about the merits of coffee in baking recipes and make […]

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    Is Your Organic Milk Actually Organic?

    Organic Certification And Why the Dairy Industry Isn’t As Regulated As You May Think The Washington Post reported on May 2nd that that organic milk you may be shelling out extra bucks for may not be everything you expected it to be. The organic milk industry has exploded in recent years due to demand caused […]

  • Burning cocktail with lime and coffee beans on table in a bar


    Coffee and Liquor

    I’ve been having a debate with myself and some friends for the past couple years about which is the most normalized drug our society uses. Some think it’s cannabis, but I think that still has too little overall use and acceptance to qualify. One thinks it’s sugar, which I’m wont to agree with because it’s […]

  • A Young child dressed up in business attire with black glasses is seated at a table with a laptop open, and coffee mug to his right. He is typing on the keyboard.


    Children and Coffee: Yes or No?

    Before my mom would let me drink coffee, she told me I couldn’t because it would stunt my growth. As my mother is now just under 5 foot, I inevitably made some witty (witty in my mind, at least) comment about that being the reason she’s as short as she is. Thankfully, my mother wasn’t […]

  • Woman hands getly fill blank bulk packages with coffee beans. Product in small business for retail delivery and sale, above craft wooden table Artisan manufacturing process


    How to Choose the Right Coffee Supplier

    Opening a new coffee business, whether a roasting plant or a modern coffee shop seems like an almost fail-proof business plan. In the Freelance Economy of the 21st Century, coffee shops have become the new workplace, the new office. In the major cities, particularly when arts and culture are prolific, the need for space, WiFi […]

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