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    Bouncing (Off the Walls) Baby: Coffee and Pregnancy

    It seems to be turning out that everything everyone thought they knew about everything wasn’t quite correct. Let me be clearer: coffee doesn’t cause cancer (can actually prevent it), coffee doesn’t worsen chances for osteoporosis (can also actually prevent it), and now, coffee may not actually be a total no-no during pregnancy. I grew up […]

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    Not Just the Milk: Coffee and Bone Health

    I recently wrote about the changing perspective when it comes to coffee and cancer; previously, it had been believed that coffee caused some cancers but the most recent research has shown, in fact, that coffee may actually lower the risk of many cancers. Well, the story seems to be quite similar when it comes to […]

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    What’s Wrong With You? The Answer Could be the Key to Your Success

    As an employee you may get what you perceive as a lot of negative feedback; that criticism may tell you what doesn’t work for certain niche jobs, but it doesn’t have to dictate your entire personality. It also doesn’t have to mean that you can’t succeed despite those “flaws.” Single-mindedness is often billed in customer […]

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    Catering to Your Niche Customers: Bookworms

    It’s kind of intuitive at this point to expect writers and freelancers to populate the tables at your coffee shop; the modern coffee shop has become the office for the office-less worker, after all. And then, of course, there are the bookstores (you know, that big chain named for noblemen and barnyards–10 points if you […]

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    A Latte Live For: Coffee and Cancer

    These days, it’s a common joke that everything causes cancer–or is it? Is that just me? Whenever someone tells me that something I’m consuming probably causes cancer, my most likely answer (at least when I want to continue to, consume it) is that everything does, so what’s the difference? This is, of course, an exaggeration. […]

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    Unorthodox Uses for Coffee

    Imagine with me for a moment. Imagine that a long, long time ago, some random dude observed birds getting hyped up on the coffee berry (or however you believe coffee was discovered). Imagine people never accidentally dropped some fried coffee beans near a fire or imagine a large done didn’t slip and crush a pile […]

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    Holiday Ideas for Your Coffee Shop – St. Patrick’s Day

    While it sucks as a customer servant to work on holidays, for your business it can be a fantastic opportunity to renew customer engagement and boost sales; you can also use almost any holiday to boost your employees’ engagement and enthusiasm, which makes up for having to work when many others don’t and which will […]

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    Holiday Ideas for Your Coffee Shop: April Fool’s Day

    It is believed that April Fool’s Day began when France changed their calendars to the Gregorian schedule but not everyone got the memo immediately. Previously, the New Year was celebrated on April 1st, and those who continued to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of a another at the end of March […]

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